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From January 2019, MMDA parking fines will be higher

Together with road obstruction and yellow lane violation

No more illegal parking on sidewalks (hopefully). PHOTO FROM MMDA

We often say that the reason Filipino motorists don’t take traffic rules seriously in their own country is that the fines are too light—even negligible in many cases, as a matter of fact. Well, it looks like the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has taken note of this as the government agency is raising the fines for a few commonly committed traffic violations.

According to an announcement posted to its official Facebook page, the MMDA is increasing the penalties for the following offenses effective January 7, 2019:

  • Illegal parking (attended vehicle) – P1,000 (previously P200);
  • Illegal parking (unattended vehicle) – P2,000 (previously P500);
  • Obstructing the road – P1,000 (previously P150); and
  • Yellow lane violation – P1,000 (previously P500).
You will have to pay more attention to that yellow lane on EDSA. That is for PUVs. PHOTO BY FRANK SCHUENGEL

“Vehicle owners can be fined for illegal parking plus obstruction, twice a day for the same violations,” the statement declares.

Parking violations include leaving your vehicle on the road right in front of your house.

“Vehicle owners think they own the road in front of their house,” MMDA general manager Jojo Garcia is quoted in the statement as saying. “They have benefited long enough. It’s time for motorists and the government to utilize the thoroughfare.”

The directive, Garcia adds, “covers all public roads except in subdivisions and roads covered by existing parking ordinances.”

It’s about time. You’ve been warned, entitled people.

Vernon B. Sarne

Vernon is the founder and editor-in-chief of VISOR. He has been an automotive journalist for 26 years. He became one by serendipity, walking into the office of a small publishing company and applying for a position he had no idea was for a local car magazine. God has watched over him throughout his humble journey. He writes the ‘Spoiler’ column.