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Here’s a reminder of why we should observe Skyway Stage 3’s 60km/h speed limit

Certain sections of the tollway are still unfinished

These skinny bollards separate both sides of Skyway Stage 3. PHOTO BY MIGGI SOLIDUM

A lot of us think that the paltry 60km/h cap spoils the fun of driving on Skyway Stage 3. After all, the manicured tarmac on the elevated tollway is just begging to be driven on spiritedly with some Ric Ocasek tunes playing in the background. But some sections of SMC’s newest expressway are still unfinished, prompting the operator to slow down cars (which we believe is only temporary).

One reason why we’re reminding everyone to obey the speed limit on Skyway Stage 3 (and on all roads, for that matter) is because of what happened to this Toyota Land Cruiser. According to this post, it appears that another car blew one of its tires and crossed the median, hitting the brawny SUV. Apparently, the area where the collision occurred only had “plastic cones” for lane dividers. Watch the video after the article.

Apparently, a vehicle with a blown tire crossed the median and collided with this Land Cruiser. FACEBOOK POSTS BY SAM SMITH

Now, we’re not saying that either car was speeding. But just imagine the consequences if one of them was. Just by looking at these pictures, the impact was strong enough to twist or bend the rear axle of Toyota’s famously overbuilt SUV. The two left doors are visibly mangled as well. We can only hope that the vehicle’s occupants were spared from injury.

In addition, we’re not sure at this point if the flimsy lane dividers are only temporary, and if they would be eventually replaced with something a little more substantial once Skyway Stage 3 is completed. But we have faith that San Miguel Corporation will indeed do the right thing when it comes to road safety.

Drive safe, everyone.

Skyway Stage 3 accident

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