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Follow on Instagram: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld

You’ll see a lot of Porsches and other cool cars

Here's a man who doesn't mind getting cropped out of a selfie picture as long as all the cars are visible. INSTAGRAM POST BY JERRY SEINFELD

Who doesn’t know funnyman Jerry Seinfeld? And who doesn’t think he’s a cool guy? If you don’t, just know that, like you, he’s crazy about cars. Which he photographs a lot and shares on Instagram.

He will even lecture you about BMW's Hofmeister kink. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERRY SEINFELD

So naturally, he hangs out with friends who also love cars.

Friends of a passion flock together. INSTAGRAM POST BY JERRY SEINFELD

And he goes to car shows.

The love of cars never really leaves a man even in old age. Mr. Seinfeld is left in awe of this elderly petrolhead. INSTAGRAM POST BY JERRY SEINFELD

And he digs car-inspired wristwatches.

Like we always say, cars and timepieces go together. INSTAGRAM POST BY JERRY SEINFELD

And he has an online show called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee—soon to be on Netflix—in which he gets to drive desirable automobiles with famous passengers.

Imagine the comedians in Congress appearing on this show. It will be a very, very short episode. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERRY SEINFELD

And then he gets to promote said show with the help of the person who owns the Facebook universe.

Zuck: 'I know Facebook is one of the major causes of distracted driving, so we're really pushing for self-driving cars'. INSTAGRAM POST BY JERRY SEINFELD

But if there’s one thing Jerry Seinfeld is known for, it’s that he is absolutely obsessed with the Porsche badge.

You could say Jerry Seinfeld is a little fond of Porsche cars. Like we're a little fond of rice. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERRY SEINFELD

Who’s laughing now?

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