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This Malaysian scale-modeler will blow your mind

Malaysian miniature artist Eddie Putera should come to Manila and teach us. INSTAGRAM POST BY EDDIE PUTERA

Scale models of cars are nothing new. Go to the toy section of a department store and you will see a sea of different brands, sizes and colors. But in the end, these all look exactly like artificial, mass-assembled toys.

Meet Eddie Putera, a Malaysian photographer and visual artist who specializes in automotive dioramas. He has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram because of his incredible creations. So incredible, in fact, you’d suspect they had been digitally edited.

Just another artistic day at the office. INSTAGRAM POST BY EDDIE PUTERA

His workplace is a scale-modeler’s wet dream. You could say he lives in his own motoring fantasy world. A world any petrolhead would want to get lost in.

It all starts with regular die-cast toy cars anyone can find and get off the shelf. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY EDDIE PUTERA

He starts with clean, basic die-cast toy cars. Consider them canvases that he turns into masterpieces.

Each colorful stroke is lovingly executed. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY EDDIE PUTERA

How human hands are able to do what he does is almost inconceivable. He is particularly adept at producing ‘rust’. His metal corrosion looks more realistic than the flaking you noticed on your car’s right fender the other day.

How is all that rust even possible?! Wow. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY EDDIE PUTERA

But more than the fake rust, it’s his microscopic attention to detail that gets people staring at his photographs.

Nothing is too small for his attention. He painstakingly works on each tiny detail. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY EDDIE PUTERA

If you think this level of scale-modeling obsession is just a waste of time, you have to know that there’s serious money to be made from this craft. Putera actually has a website that sells his miniature creations.

Wait...is that real weed growing in there? INSTAGRAM POSTS BY EDDIE PUTERA

Still think all of this is mere juvenile stuff? It’s never too late to pick up the hobby, you know. You might turn out to be very good at this.

Vernon B. Sarne

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