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Weep at the sight of a Mercedes-Benz dealership getting vandalized

In Oakland, California, hooligans lay waste to German luxury cars

If you were protesting against injustice, why would you break into a car dealer? SCREENSHOT FROM ABC NEWS

So, riots have been breaking out all over the United States of America in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, a black man who died on May 25 after getting violently pinned down by a Minnesota police officer. You may have seen photos and videos of looting and vandalism on social media, including one in which a Louis Vuitton store is being ransacked.

Well, if your heart sank at the sight of designer bags being stolen, prepare to be petrified by images of a Mercedes-Benz dealership getting wrecked.

Eat the rich or misrepresent the poor? SCREENSHOTS FROM ABC NEWS

This is the Mercedes-Benz of Oakland showroom in California, where criminals can be seen viciously destroying luxury vehicles in a video shared by ABC News. Yes, let’s call these hooligans criminals. That’s what they are exactly. They’re not protesters—they’re barbarians. They sprayed the phrase “EAT THE RICH” on the cars supposedly to show their disgust over social injustice and inequality, but come on.

Poor, innocent cars. Nothing can justify this. SCREENSHOTS FROM ABC NEWS

You seriously have to wonder if these people are really after reform. What does burning cars have to do with changing the world?

We simply have no words for this sorry sight. SCREENSHOTS FROM ABC NEWS

This is unequivocally wrong, period. We don’t know how anyone can justify this as “sending a message” to those in power. If anything, this only validates—in the eyes of the perpetrators—the brutality that cops often use on civilians. This needs to stop now.

Vernon B. Sarne

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