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The Lord truly works in amazing ways

There are no accidents. He's got everything all figured out

The author found this Tesla Model S slowly going southbound. PHOTO BY MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

A couple of days ago, I was on my way to a photo-shoot location when I came across a Tesla Model S moving rather slow along MacArthur Highway in Caba, La Union. I was caught by surprise, but was quick to snap a photo of it as it was heading south (presumably toward Metro Manila).

“What in the world is a purely electric vehicle doing out here around 260km from a charging station?” I asked myself. I initially thought the driver was conserving battery power since the vehicle was moving slow and obviously still had a lengthy trip to the big city.

Given the rarity of this car here, I decided to post my photo on the popular Facebook group called Interesting Car Spotting PH. Here is the actual post:

I was actually concerned and hoped that the car reached its destination without any issues. The post caught the attention of many members in the group, including the owner who appreciated my photo of his car. He was nice enough to explain that his Model S could be charged via a standard 220V outlet with its portable charging cord (something he did as he stayed in a resort in San Fernando, La Union). He laughingly explained that he was searching for a restroom, hence the slow driving. Long story short, the owner of the Model S and I became friends as we had a pleasant exchange on Facebook Messenger where I learned he was also a Christian.

Since I made the same post on my personal Facebook account, he eventually noticed a friend of mine who commented and shared a photo of her artwork inspired by my photo. My lady friend (she wishes to stay anonymous) took a break from her corporate career and found herself taking up sketching and painting (thanks to Google and YouTube) after she gave her father a watercolor set that she ended up using.

The artist who made this was only starting to paint. SCREENSHOTS FROM FACEBOOK

My artist lady friend sent me a message humbly shocked that the owner of the Model S was offering her a substantial amount and was curious if this guy was for real. I was pretty confident to tell her this gentleman wasn’t kidding. What won her over was when he expressed that the art piece was going to his kids. The said painting has been officially sold as shown in her Facebook post below:

Taking a step back and seeing how this whole thing was orchestrated wasn’t just mere coincidence. When you believe in God’s plan, there are no accidents.

I am not taking credit for the blessing that happened to my lady friend, nor the Tesla owner finding a meaningful art piece to inspire his children with. It was God’s grace at play. As Christians, we are all instruments of His divine plan and when we believe in His promises and live according to His word, things come together at right moments.

I was given an opportunity to capture a vehicle I’ve been wanting to shoot for some time. In the process, I’ve made a new friend (and client) who has the best of intentions with what he does. And not to mention, my artist lady friend made a totally unexpected sale as a complete stranger found intrinsic value in her work, given she just basically started learning how to paint. We are all grateful for God’s gracious ways and acknowledge His glory in all things.

Manskee Nascimento

Manskee is a music-loving petrolhead who specializes in car care. He finds peace in long drives to and from his home in La Union.