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The four-wheel Thundertruck can turn into a six-wheeler

The modular design makes it easy to add another axle

The Thundertruck is another futuristic EV concept. PHOTO FROM WOLFGANG L.A.

Electric trucks are starting to be the new in thing after battery-powered luxury sedans and sports cars, and we’ve seen tons of small startups try to challenge the status quo established by veteran manufacturers. Usually, these companies end up in the red like Lordstown.

Regardless, competition spurs innovation, and here we have another new truck concept called the Thundertruck. Not related to the similarly sounding AC/DC song, this high-tech pickup was created by consultancy agency Wolfgang L.A.

The design is much easier on the eyes than the Cybertruck. PHOTOS FROM WOLFGANG L.A.

It’s clear that the Thundertruck won’t make it to production (considering a creative firm is behind it) as building a production vehicle is already an incredibly arduous undertaking. Because of this, the designers were able to let their minds run free with this concept. This truck takes the definition of “multi-purpose” to the next level, where it’s so radical that it needs a guitar riff to accompany its feature list.

This off-roader may look like the lovechild of the Tesla Cybertruck and the Chevrolet Beast with its hard, angular edges, tiny front and rear overhangs, and the typical hallmarks of a futuristic EV concept. But this truck has one ace up its sleeve: modularity.

The third axle adds traction, power and payload capacity. PHOTO FROM WOLFGANG L.A.

You see, the Thundertruck allows you to change it up depending on the situation. The cargo bed has automatic side steps for easy access, and the extendable loading ramps should make it easier to wheel in motorcycles and ATVs.

Need to carry more things? The roof rack and roof pods are there for storage and for holding the “Bat Wing” solar awning. Mount it on the roof and you’ll instantly have a shade that also charges the battery.

When it’s time to relax, there’s an integrated camping tent so you won’t have to leave the safety of your truck, and there are pull-out side storage units that can either be configured as a kitchen or a refrigerator.

The neat awning has solar cells. PHOTOS FROM WOLFGANG L.A.

But if you want to take things a step further, mount the TT Range Extender. This gives the Thundertruck another axle to turn it into a six-wheeler that provides additional traction, boosts the performance to 940hp and 1,627Nm, and ups the range to 901km thanks to an extra 120kWh battery. The additional performance also enhances the payload, towing and storage capacities, and can also act as power bank for camping and work needs.

Refreshingly, there’s no price tag or promised “release date” tacked onto this concept. With a vehicle this extreme, we’re hoping a big manufacturer makes something similar. But for now, we guess you can say that we’ve been thunderstruck by the Thundertruck.

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