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We totally dig these toy drift cars from Germany

Slip and slide with the convenience of your smartphone

Want to race a friend right in your living room? SCREENSHOT FROM DR!FT

Stop what you’re doing and check out these amazing toy drift cars from Germany. Called DR!FT, these 1:43 scale models not only look really sweet, but they also open up a whole new world of racing fun we honestly never thought possible from such small remote-controlled cars. Invented by a German bloke who worked on this for years until it was exactly the way he wanted it, DR!FT lets you race against your friends on any flat surface and with your smartphone as the controller. The real kicker is the way the cars handle. Thanks to some clever robotics, the vehicles act way more realistically than any drifting toy car we’ve ever seen.

Think about it: You can drive like Ken Block does—without the risk of hitting a solid wall. SCREENSHOTS FROM DR!FT

According to the backstory posted to the official Facebook page, DR!FT inventor Martin Müller initially had the idea for his product back in 2003, when he was looking for a way to have proper races in the living room of his house. He wanted something that would allow for exciting and realistic gameplay, including overtaking maneuvers and drifting, but without the need for fixed tracks. It took him quite a while to take his idea from concept stage to finished product, but boy did he deliver! The current Kickstarter campaign is actually not the first time the German inventor has turned to crowdfunding. Back in 2016, he managed to raise €249,659 to turn the initial DR!FT cars into a toy that is by now being enjoyed by a lot of people (and even has its own racing series and tournaments).

Time to give the cars real identities and liveries. SCREENSHOTS FROM DR!FT

This latest round of fundraising is so he can take the cars to the next level, which includes switching them from plastic to metal bodies and tinkering around some more with the technology that makes them handle so well. He has also decided to do away with fantasy names and shapes for the cars, and instead start this new series of toys with faithful reproductions of two iconic vehicles: the BMW E30 M3 and the Mercedes-Benz 190 Evolution 2. Both cars come with what the maker claims are realistic engine sounds and handling characteristics. Players can also virtually tune the cars from their smartphones before competing against each other.

You can do virtually anything you want to with the toy drift car. Which sounds real fun. SCREENSHOTS FROM DR!FT

The current Kickstarter goal of €30,000 (P1.8 million) was smashed in just 20 minutes when the campaign went live, and funds currently stand at over €236,000 (P13.9 million). The campaign is still open until June 16, but as the cars are hand-assembled in Germany, a pledge for one doesn’t come cheap. The entry-level DR!FT Sport Edition requires backers to put down at least €99 (P5,800), while a pledge of €199 (P11,200) will secure you a limited-edition DTM version of either one of the cars. Seeing how awesome these little things are, we think it might be money well spent.

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