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Want a Suzuki Vitara or Raider R150 FI for Christmas?

You could win one of these through a Total promo

You could be parking a new Vitara SUV in your garage a couple of months from now. Tempting. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

With the ongoing inflation, it’s hard to imagine still being able to save just enough cash to buy our dream toys this Christmas. You know, like a Suzuki Vitara subcompact crossover SUV or a Suzuki Raider R150 FI underbone motorcycle.

A new Raider R150 FI motorbike isn’t so bad either, right? PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Well, French fuel brand Total has launched a promo in which customers who get P1,000—single or accumulated purchase—worth of the petroleum company’s products: Premier (one raffle entry), Diesel (one raffle entry) or Excellium (two raffle entries). And those who have the Total app on their smartphones will receive more raffle entries if they show it to a station attendant during their fill-up.

Up for grabs are two brand-new Vitaras and six brand-new Raider R150 FIs.

The promo runs until October 31, with the grand draw scheduled for November 14. A minor draw will also be held on October 12, in which winners will be given P1,000 fuel gift certificates.

We’re not sure if this marketing gimmick is enough reason for you to switch fuel brands, but we’re sharing it nonetheless.