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These are my mobility resolutions for 2022

Let's all make this year more pleasant for our fellow road users

Since it’s the start of a new year, it’s time to make some meaningful motoring resolutions which can hopefully, in my own way, make a positive difference toward mobility. It’s a collection of lessons I have learned listening to various experts in the field of transportation and the auto industry in the hopes of improving the quality of our lives. Here goes.

Cycling is good for the body and the environment. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

I will use my car less. Whether this means I will walk, bike, commute, carpool or combine several small trips into one in order to not add to traffic and pollution each day, so be it. Think of whether you actually really need to step out and drive by yourself in a car, or you can have something just couriered to you. Or if you can walk instead of drive if you can reach your destination on foot. Exercise is good so long as your route is safe and clean.

It won't hurt to give other road users a wider berth. PHOTO BY MIGGI SOLIDUM

I will be a responsible citizen that shares the road respectfully with all. The law provides for all road users equally, and we must respect everyone we share our streets with. After all, roads are made for all of us. While our infrastructure isn’t the best as it often makes travel challenging and downright risky, it is our mutual responsibility to leave space for all who use it.

Pull over if you need to use your phone. PHOTO FROM PIXABAY

I will drive with less distractions. Modern technology has allowed us to multi-task but unfortunately, it has also given us greater leeway to get distracted behind the wheel. Our mobile phones are often the primary culprit for causing accidents of all magnitudes, simply from losing focus on our driving. A vehicle is also a 2,000kg weapon of mass destruction. In addition, driving under the influence was, is, and will forever be a big no-no.

It is your responsibility to keep your ride in good condition. PHOTO BY MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

I will make sure my vehicle is always in a safe, reliable and compliant condition. Vehicle breakdowns are annoying. Any motorist in the course of his or her life would have likely experienced misfortune getting a flat tire, a dead battery or any other mechanical malady. Getting stranded isn’t just a hassle, but in the worst of times, it can be dangerous especially if your breakdown impedes the flow of traffic. We try to save on cost whenever we can and stretch the service intervals of our vehicles, but never compromise on the safety and the reliability of your car. You need time, effort and money to keep your ride in good shape.

There are many more resolutions I can make, but I’d like to keep my list short, simple, and easy to follow through. Feel free to add more in the comments section.

Botchi Santos

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