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This is Williams Racing’s car for the 2022 F1 season

Will the FW44 help the team get it right this year?

Will the team see more points finishes this year, or will it remain a backmarker? PHOTO FROM WILLIAMS RACING

The Williams Racing Formula 1 team has had a rather tumultuous 2021. First, it saw multiple retirements over the season (with Nicholas Latifi’s Abu Dhabi crash being the most controversial). Then there was the move of star driver George Russell to Mercedes-AMG. And most notably, it dealt with the death of its former boss, Sir Frank Williams (whom the team is named after).

On the flip side, it has seen its first double-points finish in two years (Hungary), its first podium win since 2017 (Belgium), and the addition of former Red Bull driver Alexander Albon, which should be more than enough motivation to help give the team a little kick for 2022.

Does it look better in blue, or do you wish it had some white? PHOTO FROM WILLIAMS RACING

And it’s starting off the latest season on a high note with the FW44. The livery is now dominantly blue with red accents, with a diamond pattern to add a little flair to its two-tone color scheme. This also makes it the first Williams F1 car to not have any white at all on its livery.

The team decided to take Red Bull’s approach of showing off a standard-spec 2022 F1 car for its livery announcement. Both of its drivers gave the new vehicle a shakedown, also at a drenched Silverstone. The photos aren’t exactly the best angles, but you can already see the differences in the nose and the slightly squared-off airbox.

If it was going to show off pictures of the actual car, why not use those instead of just the renders? PHOTO FROM WILLIAMS RACING

We’re hoping that the team has nailed the aerodynamics for its 2022 contender, as the new regulations ensure that each and every team starts from what is essentially a clean sheet of paper. It would be a pleasant surprise to see a Williams charging through the midfield during the Bahrain GP on March 20.

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