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You can now get shoes to match your Lexus CT hatchback

Or while you’re still saving up for your dream hybrid car

Can’t afford a Lexus CT200h yet? Get the shoes. PHOTO FROM NORMAN WALSH

When you bring up the accessories list on almost any prohibitively expensive car, you’ll likely be given the option to purchase matching luggage for starters. Does your 812 Superfast have a pink suede interior with neon-green stitching? Ferrari will be more than happy to give you suitcases with the same gaudy interior trim. And if you’re fashionable, you might be offered brand-inspired footwear. Which is what Lexus is trying to do at the moment.

This Lexus-inspired shoe is handcrafted. PHOTOS FROM NORMAN WALSH

The Japanese luxury carmaker has partnered with Norman Walsh, maker of premium-grade shoes based in the UK. Called the “Walsh x Lexus,” the sneaker is inspired by the interior of the Lexus CT200h F Sport hatchback. The striking red-and-black color scheme echoes that of the car’s bespoke seat trim. The shoe itself is made of soft and supple upholstery leather so that walking in it feels like being transported in a Lexus cabin. And because Lexus is so proud of this partnership, the company has gone full circle and wrapped a CT200h’s exterior in the same pattern as the footwear.

The shoe is made of upholstery leather. PHOTO FROM NORMAN WALSH

This handcrafted combination of Japanese luxury and British shoemaking excellence can be had for £165 (P11,700). Quite expensive for what is basically an ordinary pair of kicks with a Lexus badge, but a lot less pricey than a Lamborghini travel bag that you’ll never really use. And just in case you fancy a pair, better hurry up. Norman Walsh is taking orders until November 9 only, with deliveries expected to start by January 7 next year.

Below are photos of the shoe being made by hand at Norman Walsh’s Bolton factory.

Would you pay P11,700 for these shoes? PHOTOS FROM NORMAN WALSH

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