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Ford strengthens its commitment to vehicle electrification

Blue Oval’s European passenger-car stable to be all-electric by 2026

This Ford factory in Cologne, Germany, will soon be exclusively making electric cars. PHOTO FROM FORD

For generations, enthusiasts have adored the Ford Mustang because of its combination of raw V8 muscle and relatively affordable pricing. That is why fans felt betrayed that such a revered nameplate was used in a completely unrelated electric crossover, the Mustang Mach-E. But no matter how sacrilegious this move may seem to the brand’s purists, the Blue Oval’s future indeed rests on electrification.

After successfully restructuring and returning to profitability in Europe, Ford has bared that it is modernizing its facilities in Cologne, Germany, to be able to produce more electric cars. The company is doubling its global investment in vehicle electrification to $22 billion (P1.07 trillion). After its transformation, the facility will be called Ford Cologne Electrification Center, which will be the home of the American carmaker’s all-electric future.

Ford's electrification plans include both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. PHOTO FROM FORD

Should plans push through, Ford will completely electrify its passenger-vehicle range in Europe by 2026. Additionally, Ford wants two-thirds of its commercial vehicles sold in 2030 to be all-electric as well. This means that majority of its products will be a mix of battery-electric or hybrid vehicles.

While the firm didn’t share too much information about its electrification strategy and the transformation of its Cologne facilities, Ford did confirm that an all-electric passenger car for its European clients will soon be manufactured at the above-mentioned assembly plant starting in 2023. The production of a second all-electric model in the facility is also being considered.

With this move, Ford joins the growing list of companies that are getting more and more committed to making zero-emission vehicles in the near future. The new dawn of mobility is truly in our midst, with other mainstream brands following in the American manufacturer’s footsteps.

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